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Modern Civilisation (Early Edition)

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Hello there, Hello to a new dimension.

A family friendly game with an interesting game concept that combines fun coupled with interactive graphics representing factual data with a twist of game play.

Based of strategy, game interactions and multi-tasking while remembering the rule of the game. Don't forget to strategise your super Dime character abilities! It's all about the opportunities. Once present, DIME IT!

Quick to learn, suitable for ages 12+ ,play HelloDime in a group of 3 up to a maximum of 6 players . The approximate game length is estimated to be around 40 minutes +/- depending on the size of the group.

Get yourself into a new dimensional world the moment you place your hands on a pack. Play by the rules and let it lead you to a world of uncertainties filled with fun and laughter. Check out now and experience what it is like to be exploring another new dimension.

Grab it before early edition closes~!

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