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  • How long does it take to learn?
    Average block time ~ 10 - 15 Minutes Tips: Simply start by watching the video on the homepage for an understanding of the concepts of the game. You will learn the gameplay, layout and objectives of the game. Play with an open mind and most importanlty, do have fun. Game manual is included in the deck too. "Falsity in intellectual action is intellectual immorality"
  • How to purchase HelloDime?
    Please reach out to us via email for any inquiry on purchase. Just like how readily accessible is the Bitcoin Node, we would like to make it easy and quick for anyone interested to have the game going (especially during this time of pandemic). We have started our soft launch (Bitcoinblock #630,000) to take in pre-sale orders locally (Singapore) and internationally (contact us). Updates will be sent to our newsletter subscribers. Please subscribe for updates on what's brewing. If you are an educator or education instituition and want to use HelloDime as a medium of engagement to students, please feel free to reach out to us via email.
  • Is this a cryptocurrency centric game?
    No, it is not. There is a huge misconception around cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology. Cryptocurrencies or Bitcoin, a taboo word to many may pose forms of misrepresentation due to the lack of understanding. This is not a game promoting trading, speculation or digital currency investment in any ways. It is solely for fun combined with factual data and relatable learnings of the technology.
  • Will there be future developments ?
    Yes, especially with the support from you. This will be the Genesis version where the rules are based on the basic fundamentals of blockchain pertaining mostly to the Genesis Public Blockchain which is Bitcoin. To understand the rest of the blockchain ecosystem, it is encouraged to start from the genesis which is what this game aims to equip you with, apart from the fun. Here is how it goes, "This Is Just The Beginning To A New Dimension" Have fun!
  • COVID19 & the global supplychain standstill.
    We had plans to dish out after our kickstarter campaign to better work with the suppliers. Due to this unforseen global pandemic, we have addressed individuals who reached out to us on getting their hands on a deck to dime through this period. We are trying our best to continue working and getting our small scale printing machines start baking out a platter of FineDime to you. *ps...priority of ink goes to the printing of other essential medium of exchange.


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