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HelloDime Family Game


Where it all started...

Blockchain - a topic which is complex and daunting to many, poses various technical abbreviations and took a dime of time to understand! So I came to realise that it could be quite a challenging topic for the general public to really grasp the idea of what it is, yet it is important to keep up to date with this emerging technology. idea struck. Why not use a simple game purported with friendly and relatable visuals to explain the fundamentals and concepts of the technology?


And that’s where it all began…After countless tweaks and experimenting, HelloDime was born. The pack is designed with relatable characters to Blockchain data, game mechanics is made to simulate how Blockchain works in reality, not to forget the social factor to get friends and family engaged in a new dimension of learning.


We have done the hard work, and now it's your time to play!


HelloDime..saves the day...

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We have witnessed the growth of interest in Blockchain.

But, the resources widely available out there brings more confusion to the table than ever.


With HelloDime, it reinforces the fundamental core of Blockchain, such that some important traits are remembered. Through offline social or classroom settings, it is really exciting to see how many dimers out there will benefit from both fun and knowledge.


HelloDime wants Dimers to sail their Blockchain journey on the right path.

And..once Dimers get themselves into this rabbit hole, there is even more to discover...HelloDime is more than just a game.


Don't miss out the fun!

HelloDime, a kind & friendly cloud-based extropian believes that the time is now!

Dimers above 12 years old, gather! 

Dime for a game with your friends and family. A comfortable size of 3- 6 dimers. 

Protect your bag of rewards before the REWARDS PILE runs out.

May you be led to a new dimensional world where we Game, Learn and Dime down the rabbit hole towards "Genesis block #630,000." 



The man who cares

After graduating in Singapore, Edwan, the creator of HelloDime, entered the Blockchain industry. With zero knowledge of Blockchain, it was a fuzzy beginning, picking up bits and pieces of the concept and losing real dimes. Finally after a couple of years, he managed to connect the dots and grasp Blockchain concepts.


By creating this HelloDime, he wants to shrink the layers of fundamental concepts into one pack of cards, cutting down the extra steps it takes for a beginner to learn about Blockchain, making learning an enjoyable way from what he had been through in the earlier days! 


Eventually, he wants the community to open up to a whole new realm of technology and approach it in a way that it is friendly and easy for all, just like HelloDime!

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